A central component of SnowGeek is to develop tools that are helpful for anyone who will be traveling in avalanche terrain. Below are some tools both in and out of SnowGeek that are helpful to check before heading out.

SnowGeek Trip Planning Tool
Blue tool

The trip planner lets you easily query for a location such as "Mores Creek Summit" using Google Maps. SnowGeek will then fetch weather, condition, and map data from NOAA, NRCS Snotel, ForecastIO, Google Maps, and CalTopo. You can find it at

SnowGeek Snowpit Hardness Profile
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The Snowpit Hardness Profile Tool is an easy way to generate a hardness profile from snowpit data. Using the tool here, simply input the depths of each layer with its hardness and get a clean image back.

Resources Outside of SnowGeek

Below are some resources outside of SnowGeek that have proven helpful. Some are already integrated into the Trip Planning Tool, but others such as avalanche center forecasts are in development.

  • NOAA: Weather information from the National Oceanic and Atmosphereic Administration.
  • Snotel: Current conditions from the NRCS Snotel system.
  • Google Maps: Use Google Maps and Earth to scout new areas and print maps
  • CalTopo: An application created to overlay topo maps on google maps to produce contour plots. It also provides innovative features such as shading based on slope angle.
  • Find the nearest avalanche forecast center