Snowpit Hardness Profile Tool

Using this tool you can generate plots of a snowpit hardness profile from field data. Below is an example of the input taken.


Suppose you want to generate a snowpit with three layers. The first from 0-10cm with hardness of F (fist). The second from 10-30cm with hardness 4F (four finger). The third from 30-40cm with hardness P (pencil). More layers have been added to make the plot more interesting. This is sample input and the returned result.

0	F
10	1F
35	4F
45	P
47	F-
50	P
52	F-
53	K
55	4F-
65	K
70	4F
100	4F
Sample plot
Valid Snow Profile Hardnesses
Hardness Input
Fist Minus F-
Fist F
4 Finger Minus 4F-
4 Finger 4F
1 Finger Minus 1F-
1 Finger 1F
Pencil Minus P-
Pencil P
Knife Minus K-
Knife K
Snow Profile Data