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SnowGeek's Mission

SnowGeek is an organization devoted to excellence and openness in Avalanche Education and Snow Science.

Avalanche Education

SnowGeek is revolutionizing Avalanche Education through the use of technology such as advanced, yet easy to use tools and the Edx Platform for courses.

SnowGeek International

SnowGeek is an international organization with supported courses in North America and South America. In North America, SnowGeek is based in Lake Tahoe, CA and Boise, Idaho. In South America, SnowGeek is partners with SnowProject to offer affordable, high quality education in Argentina and Chile. and will soon be available in English and Spanish.

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As SnowGeek evolves, features will slowly be able customizable so that individual users can store things such as favorite locations to create reports on and save snow pit data.